Adhesives silicones solutions For electronic devices & electrical engineering

Silicones solutions for on board electronics 

Silicones materials ensure that electrical and sensitive electronic components work in a safe and reliable way. They are used in automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, solar, lighting with a wide variety of functions: protection against environment, bonding and sealing. Elkem Silicones propose a range of specific products for conformal coating, potting, encapsulating, sealing, bonding and thermal conduction.

For potting applications : Recommended in electronic applications to ensure mechanical and environmental protection.

For encapsulation applications : Miniaturization is increasing the need for extracting this heat outside of the electronic devices.

For sealing & bonding : Silicones materials are widely used in electronic applications for bonding components and sealing against environmental contaminants as they can maintain their physical and electrical properties over a wide range of temperature, moisture and other harsh environments.


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