Solutions for building protection

Water Repellent for durable masonry protection

Over the years, buildings suffer physical and chemical damages caused by water penetrating into building materials.

The water repellent performance of the treated materials depends on the quantity applied to the surface. It will only be optimal if a sufficient quantity of Bluesil™ water repellent is applied. The dilution concentration must take account of the absorption capacity of the material and its porosity.

Decorative Coatings

Only siloxane paints can guarantee long lasting protection against water penetration and keep a façade looking good. Their outstanding durability allows the time between renovations to be extended by at least 50%, which means cost effectiveness.

Water Repellents for Sustainable Construction Materials

Most of the construction materials are sensitive to water and consequently can be damaged when exposed to humidity with severe consequences:

  • Swelling - bending
  • Development of fungi, algae, moss and even rot
  • Loss of thermal insulation

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