Thermally conductive silicones

Thermal management is a major challenge in electric vehicle components, such as in batteries or electronic control units. One option is to dissipate the heat from electronic components. To dissipate heat in high power applications, Elkem Silicones provides a wide range of thermal interface materials with several technologies : adhesives, gap fillers & encapsulants.

Foam Technology for flexible solution

Silicone foam is a spongy material that provides the performance benefits of standard silicone but with added flexibility, suppleness and lightweight. For thermal insulation, silicone foams provide light weight solutions with a very low thermal conductivity coefficient. Silicones foams can also provide gasketing alternatives for sealing battery pack & devices.

Protection of Sensitive Components

The protection of critical parts is a key challenge in electric vehicle applications. There is a growing need to protect sensitive components against environmental factors, such as dust and moisture, as well as fluids, heat, and fire exposure. Silicones are the materials of choice for potting and encapsulating sensitive electronics like sensors, actuators, central processing units (CPUs), printed circuit board, as they are the first line of defense against outside aggression.