Advanced Molding & Printing

True to the original in every detail

From the reproduction of artwork and prototypes for the transport industry to foundry work, and from food to fashion and cosmetics, mold-makers and die-casters require materials that have the right mechanical properties and facilitate the manufacture of quality products efficiently and cost-effectively, while reducing waste during the mold making process.

Bluesil™ RTV-2 range
The Bluesil™  RTV-2 product range has become the preferred silicone for fast prototyping and composite molding for many industrial companies and designers worldwide because it delivers the features they need:
•    Excellent transparency to accurately see the object in the mold
•    Exceptional mechanical properties, in particular outstanding tear resistance and long-lasting molds due to high chemical resistance to artificial resins (PU, Epoxy, PES)
•    Accurate reproduction of details and easy mold release
•    No shrinkage when cured.


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