Elkem offers high quality microsilica, silicon powders and complementary products for the production of advanced refractory and ceramic products globally.

Silicon powders 
Silicon powder is often used to increase the oxidation resistance of carbon-containing refractories. For special refractory and ceramics applications, where stability and product quality are essential, we offer a wide variety of powders to suit customer requirements. Our Si-NINE™ and Si-RG™ powders are carefully selected, crushed and milled. Our high-purity Silgrain® powders are produced in a unique proprietary process. Over the years, we have developed a product range with both beneficial particle size distributions and well-defined chemistry for our customers.

SIOXX® range 
Based on global leadership in microsilica technology and a strong focus on R&D in refractory castables, a family of specialty products to enhance properties of LCC, ULCC and gel bonded systems has been developed. 

EMSIL-DRY™ is specialty burn-out fibres that will speed up drying and reduce the risk of cracking, spalling and disintegration during heat-up of castables. 

ALOXX™-Spheres are spherical alumina particles produced in a proprietary process. ALOXX™-Spheres are used in a range of refractory applications, such as sintering agent for high alumina applications as well as spinel formation and applications needing high thermal shock resistance. Their features and benefits include excellent particle packing, high purity, easy dispersion, high sintering capability, higher solid concentration with no dilatancy and high refractoriness (high heat resistance).

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