LSR SelectTM

A solution to improve your financial impact in molding applications

Imagine the benefits to the molder who can speed up the rate of cure of their molded silicone parts. 

This is precisely how LSR Select™ came to realization. Elkem Silicones designed an innovative liquid silicone rubber material that gave the control back to the molder to process their parts and control their profitability. LSR Select™ is a patented, advanced system of liquid silicone rubber which optimizes the liquid injection molding process Discover it in this exclusive white paper and learn about the financial impact of switching to LSR Select™ for your molding applications!


  • Improved productivity: With the decrease in cure time, the press time can be fully maximized to add additional volume to the current job without additional costs of a press, dosing unit, and mold

  • Durometer blending: LSR Select™ is a base polymer which can be blended to create additional durometers, the hardness offering is greatly increased while limiting the number of drums needed in stock.

  • Low temperature cure: Expanding the available substrates for over molding applications by reducing the cure temperature, allows more cost-effective materials to be used


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