Release Control Additives (RCA’s) Deliver Release Force Modifications

Creating Differential Release to Avoid a Sticky Situation

Did you know certain factors can affect the interaction between the silicone release coating, the adhesive, and the substrate to which these may be applied? The biggest effects include:

  • Adhesive selection and performance
  • Silicone selection and performance
  • Paper properties and surface characteristics

Typically, silicone polymers provide a low release force against many adhesives and have to be modified with Release Control Additives (RCAs), also called Controlled Release Additives (CRA’s) in the industry in order to reach a higher level of release force.  These RCAs provide higher release force due to variations in the chemical structure, size, efficacy, and reactivity of the underlying silicone resin used in these RCAs.

Our experts discuss these interactions and effects to help you understand the modification of release force by changing release control additives.



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